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BF for BW

In France, 25%* of the carbon footprint comes from what we put on our plates, which is why our Chefs use their know-how to stay in line with their values: a quality cuisine, respectful and for all. Better Food for a Better World defines our vision of today's catering, inspired by the best of yesterday and tomorrow. This program seals our commitment by defining the priorities on which we are taking concrete action, to make a difference... and for good

 *According to the Environment and Energy Management Agency (study published on 25/02/19)
Because eating better to change the world is not only dreaming about it, but also tasting it.
Flavor power!
Our producers are selected for their respect for the products, the environment and people. For our part, we are recycling all our bio-waste and only use eco-responsible cleaning products.
Eating better also means choosing the best for your health. Our services are guaranteed to generate 0 plastic and organic products have a special place.
Nothing is better than a seasonal product and we know it. We select for you products for which it is time to shine!
The cuisine is made up of exchanged secrets, cross-inspiration and strong characters. To perpetuate it, we only select passionate people who transmit to you the taste of the real product.
We think the sauce tastes better with a touch of madness. Our Chefs are constantly looking for innovation to make a show, between a feast for the senses and an unusual experience.


In addition to these commitments, we are particularly sensitive to the fight against food waste. Today, and in various industries, large quantities of food suitable for consumption is thrown away. Yet, many solutions exist. This is why we offer our customers the "BF for BW" contract to commit together through two actions:

Right production
We use our experience in event catering to support our customers and advise them on the offers and quantities best suited to their needs. These efforts now allow us to obtain a fine-tuned production (95%).
Food donation
In case of surplus we encourage donations to associations. Our partnership with Linkee allows us to give back any excess food so that it can be made available to associations within the two hours following the event. This solidarity action has an impact on two levels:

Reduction of food waste whose treatment would have been polluting

Social impact

Partner associations benefit from varied, balanced and quality meals to offer to people
in need